Bread and Circus Spare Me Over Disc

Play Radar

Wanderin’ round just like a cloud
he lives in the Bowery
dance and jump with the Devil son
you’ll be sleeping in the alley

there’s a rainstorm every night
but he’s got himself a bottle
says farewell farewell my love
going down full throttle

darlin’ goes everywhere
she don’t care
about a mind or muscle

springtime always rustlin’
it’s not always dark at night

you never know
all your silver turn to poison gold
lord he’s a traitor

there’s a hole in his crown
I’ve been runnin’ it over in my head
and I ain’t comin’ back
’til the sun goes down
walking all night

in five hundred years
we’ll all be down in the dirt
up in the sky wonderin’ why
wanderin’ out on the range
underneath your radar

• Copyright Cranky Jesus (BMI) All Rights Reserved