The Wishing Tree

Born Again Again - Bread and Circus

Play The Wishing Tree

Throw an orange at the wishing tree
one for you and maybe two for me
been flying too low to clear this scene
and I’m making mistakes I’d rather not
be responsible for

Well I tried in vain to meet your needs
with drugs and violins
Ezra Pound and chimpanzees
juniper and Gin

But you drove the car like you stole it
to keep in touch with the mystery
but these flashing lights
are all on me

With true believers in your dreams
you fly high above the yard
you see and hear everything
from Mary’s Gate to Zanzibar

Diamond tears make up your veil
while devils dream of God’s despair
this war this road this race this sun
to the wishing tree we run

I know this gun is loaded
I know it’s a losing hand
I watched you walk away with that man

• Copyright Cranky Jesus (BMI) All Rights Reserved